9 Companies Using Vue.js in 2021

Why are companies using Vue.js?

Top reasons to use Vue.js

  • Vue is open-source, so developers can use, change, and adapt it freely to match your app’s requirements.
  • Its popularity means that there are many ready-to-use modules and libraries, as well as an active community of devoted developers who maintain and update useful and organized documentation that can be used when encountering any issue.
  • Vue is remarkably simple to learn by all JavaScript developers, and a large talent pool already exists, making recruitment for your project less demanding.
  • The Vue.js code can be written quickly, especially by experienced developers, and it makes the MVP development relatively quick and easy as well.
  • Integrating the framework with an existing project is pretty straightforward.
  • It’s versatile: you can use Vue to build enterprise-sized applications as well as simple one-page apps.

What is Vue.js used for?

1. Nintendo

2. Passionate People

3. FindlayWebTech

4. Adobe

5. BridgeU

6. Eve

7. Gitlab

8. Coursedog

9. Extradom

Vue.js for business — is it the right choice?



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