Five Proven Tactics to Use in Your Mobile App Marketing

First things first: soft launch

Tactic no. 1: website banners

Tactic no. 2: paid promotion

Social Media in mobile app marketing

  • LinkedIn, when your audience is career-focused professionals,
  • Pinterest, if you’re trying to reach women with higher education,
  • Twitch, when your app is for gamers.

Influencer marketing in 2021

Install ads in social media

Google Ads

App Store Advertising (ASA)

  • Basic, which includes ads at the top of search results. It’s suggested for budgets up to $10,000 per app, per month.
  • Advanced — with additional placement on the Search tab (before performing a search) and more customization options and detailed reports.

Tactic no. 3: landing page

Tactic no. 4: App Store Optimization

App store optimization key factors

  1. Explanatory title and the overall usage of keywords.
  2. User-friendly and persuasive app description.
  3. High-quality graphic and video assets (icon, screenshots).
  4. Ways to encourage ratings and reviews.

App store optimization tools

  • App Annie is a market data and analytics platform that offers mobile market intelligence, data-based automated reports, and track performance data from multiple apps and publisher accounts.
  • Appcodes is an App Store Optimization tool that enables you to improve your App Store SEO, track your competition, play with keywords, and distribute promo codes.
  • MobileAction is an “All-in-One App Marketing Intelligence Platform” that lets you nose around in your competition’s data, as well as track, research, optimize, and get suggestions for new keywords.
  • Search Man’s ASO Solution includes iOS and Android Search tracking, data-driven keyword suggestions, SEO improvement tips, and a tool for leveraging chosen keywords in mobile ads.
  • TheTool works for both iOS and Android app store marketing and is extremely easy to use. It offers improvement recommendations based on your app listing evaluation, helpful data insights, KPIs tracking, and competition analysis.

App store optimization resources

Tactic no. 5: email marketing

  • Creating an email signature that features a link to your landing page for all employees to use, may result in acquiring new leads from people already somehow involved in day-to-day dealings with your company.
  • With a newsletter subscription box featured on your landing page or the company webpage, your potential users can opt-in for the marketing communication regarding your mobile app even before it is released. Sending occasional updates, and most importantly, a link to download your app when it launches is an awesome way to ensure additional downloads, reviews, and ratings on day one.
  • Consider giving something in return for the emails you’re collecting. It can be an e-book related to your app’s purpose, a trial period for a premium version, or a free timed subscription.
  • Use email to stay in touch with your users and show that you care about them and the product you’re making. Depending on what your mobile app is capable of, your arsenal of newsletter topics will vary, but you should contemplate sending out news on app updates, as well as personal app usage statistics, personalized offers, and feedback surveys.

SMS marketing




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