React vs React Native — Which one to choose and when?

What is React?

Where did React come from?

Why is React so popular?

Is React the pick for your next app?

Are there any issues with React?

ReactJS examples

What is React Native?

Why use React Native?

React Native concerns to consider

Who uses React Native?

React Vs React Native Comparison

  • is best when you want to build a fast and stable User Interface for your website,
  • saves developers’ time with reusable components and fast rendering,
  • is mainly used for web development
  • is a library.
  • is best when you want to create a mobile app for various operating systems,
  • saves developers’ time with pre-built components and code reusable for various platforms,
  • is mainly used for mobile development,
  • is a framework.

Library vs Framework

What if you need both mobile and web?

Did you know?



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