State of Vue 2021 Highlights — Two Reports Instead of One!

Vue for Business 2021

  • What Vue.js is.
  • How businesses can benefit from using the framework.
  • Real case studies of FindlayWebTech, BridgeU, Vue.js Amsterdam, Eve, Extradom, Coursedog, and Passionate People.
  • Experts’ opinions on Vue, and what kind of projects it’s best for.
  • Where Vue stands compared to other techs for app development.
  • How to decide if Vue is the right tech for your company.

What’s Vue and why do companies use it

How modern business leverages Vue

Is Vue the right technology for your project?

State of Vue 2021

  • What’s new in Vue 3.
  • How companies such as GitLab, Wikimedia, or Storyblok use Vue.
  • How developers use Vue in practice.
  • What people proficient in Vue.js value the most in this framework and what they’d see changing next.
  • How Vue’s popularity is trending compared to other techs and does it place itself in terms of technical aspects.

What’s new in Vue 3

  • How the new version is even smaller
  • Why it’s faster
  • What the Composition API adds
  • What the Teleport feature is

Vue popularity over the years

  • Statista
  • HackerRank and JetBrains surveys
  • BuiltWith
  • NPMtrends
  • NPM-stat
  • SimilarTech for market share and web usage stats
  • GitHub dependents
  • StackOverflow surveys and questions posted on forums
  • Google Trends and even social media followers

Vue survey results (1635 respondents)

Vue experts on using Vue

  • Why do you use Vue and what do you like most about it?
  • A new version of Vue was recently released — are you planning to adopt it anytime soon?
  • What’s the most exciting project you’ve done with Vue?
  • For what type of projects would you recommend to try out Vue?
  • What is the most burning problem you’d see Vue as a developing framework tackling next?

Vue comparison with other techs

  • Technology overview
  • Popularity and support
  • Documentation
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Syntax
  • Mobile development

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A close-knit team of 140+ experts offering Web & mobile development for startups and businesses.

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