State of Vue 2021 Highlights — Two Reports Instead of One!

Vue for Business 2021

What’s Vue and why do companies use it

Prototypes and MVPs can be built quickly to test new ideas. After this stage, when it’s decided to move forward with developing, this framework scales well; all the way up to enterprise level applications. If you’re not working on a new project, Vue can be used to add new features to one you’re already working on.

You benefit from Vue’s extensive official libraries. They provide premade features or modules to speed up development. Let’s not forget to mention the speed of products developed with Vue. Thanks to high performing server side rendering (see more below) you can expect quick, performant apps.

How modern business leverages Vue

We no longer need to have a large team dedicated to work on our internal projects because the lean team we have is able to focus on implementing new features instead of implementing the underlying framework to work faster.

The team members who are able to join us for a short time are also able to quickly get up to speed and collaborate thanks to the shared architecture and possibilities offered by the combination of Vue and Nuxt.

Luke Thomas, CEO at Passionate People

If you need a full-featured framework, Vue.js, with its rich ecosystem, is an apparent good fit. If you already have lots of customization in the front end layer, you can also bring in Vue.js for its reactivity utilities, or use it for simple component rendering.

Though, there is one area that Vue.js fits particularly well: if you are not sure how big the project will grow into and want to start with a simple but scalable architecture, Vue.js is here for you.

Haoqun Jiang, Vue.js team member

Is Vue the right technology for your project?

State of Vue 2021

What’s new in Vue 3

Vue popularity over the years

Vue survey results (1635 respondents)

Vue experts on using Vue

Vue comparison with other techs

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