Why Laravel Vue Is the Perfect Stack for Single-Page Web Apps

Introducing the Laravel Vue stack

  • laying the groundwork for the developer (good frameworks enable developers to focus on the original code since they provide built-in solutions for common issues),
  • proposing elegant and easy-to-read syntax and providing excellent documentation (which means Laravel and Vue are very easy to pick up by any competent developer with a background in PHP or JavaScript),
  • focusing heavily on User Interface and User Experience (which alone makes them a top choice for creating typically very user-focused SPAs).

Wait, is PHP still relevant in 2021?

Comparison of SPA frameworks

Angular, React, Vue comparison

Angular for single-page applications

React for single-page applications

Vue for single-page applications

Why should you use Vue with Laravel for SPA development?

  • Vue and Laravel provide an array of built-in solutions, particularly helpful when designing the user experience.
  • Both frameworks are easy to learn, have excellent documentation and support from committed, helpful communities.
  • Vue SPAs are generally small in size, so they load quickly and use less bandwidth (which is important for international markets outside of Europe and the USA).
  • Vue’s component-based architecture enables developers to build MVPs fast and allows the efficient development of perfectly scalable single-page web apps.
  • Laravel supports Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, which is ideal for developing user interfaces.
  • Laravel has object-oriented syntax and many libraries supporting the use of objects.
  • Vue and Laravel work perfectly together.

A few examples of Laravel and Vue in action



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